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  Heres Some Playlists...NO Commercials 👍🤠  Lets Take A Journey Back To The 70s & 80s.... a JOURNEY with the EAGLES, over the EARTH, WIND AND FIRE. 🤠  I will be updating the content of this page regularly, so Bookmark us now so you can easily return to see the new additions. So be sure to check back often.                                                         Have a wonderful day.                                              

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               Country Music Entertainer Of The Year 2021           





                          EAGLES ~Greatest Hits                       

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                 Gabe'  Pahinue  Greatest Hits              



               JOURNEY ~ Greatest Hits Full Album           





            Earth, Wind~ & Fire ~ Greatest Hits          




                         The Best Decade Of Country Music                 




                  Ono Kine Kickback Pa'Ina Meles                  




Mahalo iā ʻoe e ka Haku no kēia ola āu i hāʻawi mai ai iaʻu
(Thank You Lord For This Life You Have Given Me)

~ Say This Every Day ~ 




               For The Lovers ~ Best Soft Rock Ever.                  



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